Facility Information

Have your next off-site meeting, mediation, deposition, CLE, client meeting, or conference at the MBA. A formal Board Room and three conference rooms are available. Each room provides conference calling and video and web capabilities. Catering can be arranged for all meetings.

Rental Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday –Friday (Except Holidays)
Other Hours: After 4:30 PM and weekends are available by special arrangement and at an additional cost

Rooms Available:

  • Douglas Room (max. 3 people)
  • Fishbach Room (max. 75 people)
  • Fishbach Room Adjoining Room (increases capacity to 100)
  • Board Room (max. 20 people)
  • Cardozo Room (max. 25 people)
  • Reception Area (available after hours)

*MBA members enjoy special room rates and are permitted to use some of our facilities FREE OF CHARGE.

MBA MEMBER RATES: Your MBA membership must be current to receive this rate.

Douglas Room: FREE
Cardozo Room: FREE
Board Room: $100 (1/2 day or less)
$150 (full day)
Fishbach Room: $150 (1/2 day or less)
$200 (full day)
Adjoining Room: No additional fee


Douglas Room: $75 (1/2 day or less)
$150 (full day)
Cardozo Room: $165 (1/2 day or less)
$250 (full day)
Board Room: $250 (1/2 day or less)
$300 (full day)
Fishbach Room: $365 (1/2 day or less)
$465 (full day)
Fishbach and Adjoining Room: $450 (1/2 day or less)
$600 (full day)



  • 50% cancellation fee for less than 24 hour notice; cancellation notice must be submitted in writing
  • $150 charge for events after 5:00 PM, Saturday general facility charge: $300 (1/2 day or less) and $500 (full day)
  • Reception area is an additional $100 extra for evening use