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Milwaukee, WI 53202
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President's Message







Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am honored to have the privilege to serve this great organization and our members. The concept of service is ingrained in and fundamental to our profession. We serve clients in our daily work. We serve the indigent and vulnerable through a commitment to pro bono. We serve the legal system by  maintaining high standards of integrity and professionalism. We serve each other through friendship, collegiality and mentorship, and through active engagement in associations like the Milwaukee Bar  Association (MBA).

 In this spirit, the mission of the MBA is to serve its members. We live in a time of rapid, and  sometimes unsettling, legal, economic and technological change. Our profession is changing and the  MBA is changing alongside it to continue to support our members and the Milwaukee legal  community. This reality motivated our new strategic plan, undertaken in the 4th quarter of 2015. As  we implement this plan, you will see:

  • Innovative service delivery models for CLE;
  • Enhanced use of technology and social media platforms to facilitate communication with and among our members;
  • More opportunities for networking, service, mentorship, pro bono and collaboration;
  • Targeted outreach to young lawyers, particularly those still affected by the 2008 financial crisis;
  • New programming for all lawyers, whether you are corporate counsel, a government lawyer, or in private practice, whether you work at a big firm, a small firm or as a solo practitioner.

Our goal is to make the MBA a vibrant, relevant and exciting organization that serves as the hub of our legal community. That’s a big job, but we are well on our way and committed to success. That said, I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. I am accountable for getting these things done and, with the help of the Board, staff, and Executive Leadership Team we will.

But we need your help. The success of this organization lies with each of us – its members. What is our role? Two words:  Stewardship and Community.

Stewardship.  The MBA has been an important institution for many of us. Through the MBA, we have met fellow lawyers, judges and other community leaders, made professional contacts, referral sources and life-long friends. We learned how to be professionals by example and association with leaders of our bar and our legal community. Now it is our responsibility to give back and ensure that current and future generations of young lawyers have a strong and vibrant MBA to provide those same opportunities, practice tips and sage advice.

So, I am asking for your stewardship, not in form of a check but through your active participation and engagement in the MBA.

  • Invite your colleagues to join.
  • Talk to a young lawyer about how the MBA can help his or her career.
  • Bring a prospective member to Judge’s Night, the State of the Court luncheon, the golf outing or another of our many networking events.
  • Become a mentor and take a young lawyer under your wing.
  • Share your talents by giving a CLE presentation.
  • Volunteer at the Milwaukee Justice Center.
  • Encourage your peers and colleagues to do the same.

The heart of this organization is you – our members.

Community. A thriving MBA will solidify and strengthen the bonds of our legal community. Those bonds have been tested of late by increased legal specialization, social change, economic pressure, political polarization and the impersonality of modern technology. All of this leads to a lack of connection and cohesion, which causes stress and dissatisfaction in our professional lives. We don’t get together enough.  We don’t talk to one another enough. As a result, we lose touch of what we have in common – that fundamental commitment to service. We are proud of our service and have an important role to play in the long-term health and prosperity of this community. Lawyers, particularly our members here in Milwaukee, have done and continue to do amazing things for our neighbors every day. Let’s tell that story time and time again, so that Milwaukee recognizes our service and our commitment.  Let’s do more – together.

I am excited by what lies ahead. I commit to making the MBA not only a valuable resource, but a home, for each of our members and to leave this fine organization better and stronger than we found it.


Andrew Wronski
President, Milwaukee Bar Association