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April 17, 2014
Government Enforcement and Compliance Relating to tax Controversies

Responding to Government Investigations: Government Investigation Focus, responding to Government Investigations of Your Client , and  role of Compliance in Addressing Investigation Risk more...


April 21, 2014
Real Property
Construction Lien Law Basics: Who is Entitled, How to File, and Common Mistakes

This presentation will focus on Wisconsin’s Construction Lien Law and will cover topics such as determining whether a party has lien rights, complying with notice requirements, filing a lien, avoiding common mistakes during the lien process, and enforcing or disputing construction liens. more...


April 23, 2014
Labor & Employment
Developments at the NLRB

Milwaukee Officer-in-Charge Benjamin Mandelman will discuss recent changes at the NLRB, which include the regional restructuring and operating as Subregion 30. Mr. Mandelman will also present developments under the recently confirmed Board and General Counsel. This is a "can't miss" presentation for anyone interested in labor law.


April 24, 2014
ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution
Working With Emotional Parties in Mediation

This presentation will address ways for attorneys and mediators to interact with highly emotional parties in mediation. There will be a discussion of some specific techniques and approaches to help parties move beyond a state of anger and pain when addressing settlement options. Attorneys will learn about ways to have the mediator meet their clients’ need to be heard and understood.  more...


April 28, 2014
An appellate lawyer’s perspective on Rosecky v. Schissel – difficult issues still ahead

Technology always advances ahead of the law.  Our supreme court’s recent decision acknowledged a dearth of legislative and caselaw guidance in Wisconsin and elsewhere to handle questions arising in private arrangements to transfer parental rights.  This presentation will provide a brief discussion of the Rosecky case history, the issues presented to the Supreme Court, and what issues are likely to arise in coming months and years, from the perspective of an appellate generalist.

Rescheduled from February 24, 2014


April 29, 2014
Exploring Capacity Issues

Discussion on the standards of capacity, determining capacity, and representing clients with diminished capacity. more...


April 30, 2014
Intellectual Property co-sponsor Corporate Counsel
Working Together to Protect a Client’s Valuable Trademark Rights

Experienced trademark and litigation counsel will present on: Managing a trademark and collateral IP portfolio, including, Basic trademark principles; Searching and clearing new trademarks and service marks; When registration makes cents and when it does not; Trademark watch options; When, where, and how to enforce your trademark rights; trademark valuation methods. more...


May 02, 2014
An Introduction to Wisconsin Tax Collection (Inside and outside of Bankruptcy)

Discussion on the structure of the Department, bankruptcy claims (priority and interest rates), 11 USC § 505 Determinations of Tax Liability, petitions for compromise procedures, marital property and divorce tax issues, tax warrants (including foreclosure of tax warrants), collection procedures (levies, garnishments, wage certifications and supplemental proceedings), and single member LLC issues. more...


May 07, 2014
ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution
Overcoming Barriers to Settlement at Mediation: Seven Recurring Problems and Seven Effective Solutions

An experienced mediator will identify seven special problems which sometimes arise at a mediation and which can, if not dealt with appropriately, prevent a settlement.  Specific steps counsel for both sides can take to address and overcome these problems and achieve a settlement will be discussed. more...


May 08, 2014
Civil Litigation
The Seven Deadly Sins of Briefing Or How to Torpedo Your Case With Your Own Brief

A tour de force of the all-too-common briefing techniques that inspire fear and loathing in the judges who have to read the end result, using actual briefs as examples. more...


May 09, 2014
MBA Family Court BB Committee &, Family Law Section
Thirteenth Annual Family Court GAL Training Seminar

Location: Marquette Law School, Eckstein Hall, Room: TBA 

Overview: Is shared placement really in the best interest of the child? What actually is the best placement arraignment for young children!

Judicial Panel Discussion: Subjects include: comments on the doctors opinions on placement schedules; should kids testify/be interviewed by the judges- emotional impact/legal issues involved; paying the GAL-why is it so hard to get paid; communication/coordination with Children’s Court-in this day and age, why is it so hard?

What really is in the best interest of the child? Should kids talk to the court? What do the judges think? All attorneys doing Family Law cases should attend whether or not you do GAL work.  




May 14, 2014
The EPA/Corps Recently Proposed Rule regarding Waters of the U.S

Discussion on the EPA/Corps recently proposed rule that defines what is included as “waters of the U.S.”  and its potential impact. more...


May 19, 2014
Real Property
The Ins and Outs Evictions

Discussion on the numerous issues and procedures involved in the eviction process from start to finish.  more...


May 20, 2014
Intellectual Property
Legal Issues in Representing Early Stage Tech Startups

Wisconsin is undergoing a boom in entrepreneurship, with many startups focusing primarily or exclusively on technology. This presentation provides an overview of legal issues that commonly arise in representing early-stage tech startups. Topics include pre-incorporation issues, company formation, ownership, capital, human resources, intellectual property, business contracts, and e-commerce issues. There will also be a brief update on Wisconsin’s new “patent law.” more...


May 27, 2014
Assisting Elderly Clients Through the Foreclosure Process - and Possibly Even Save Their Home!

Discussion on the residential real estate foreclosure process in general, and provide practitioners with tips and information about helping elderly clients navigate the process and leverage available tools to try to prevent the foreclosure all together. more...


May 28, 2014
Labor & Employment
Whistle Blowers and the False Claims Act

Assistant United States Attorney Stacy Gerber Ward represents the United States in civil False Claim Act matters, including qui tam (whistle blower) investigations and litigation.   Ms. Gerber Ward will discuss the whistle blower’s role in qui tam matters, including pre-filing requirements, the whistle blower’s role in the investigation and litigation, and how the government and the whistle blowers interact throughout the process. more...





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