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Bench/Bar Committees
These committees, co-chaired by a judge and an attorney, provide forums for discussion related to the courts and their practice areas:

Bench/Bar Bankruptcy

Bench/Bar Circuit Court - Civil
Co-Chair - Hon. Mel Flanagan, 278-4474
Co-Chair - Arthur Simpson, 273-8550

Bench/Bar Circuit Court - Criminal
Co-Chair - Hon. Richard Sankovitz, 278-4490
Co-Chair - To Be Appointed

Bench/Bar Circuit Court - Family
Co-Chair - Hon. Michael Dwyer, 278-4490
Co-Chair - Richard H. Hart, 271-1225

Bench/Bar Circuit Court - Juvenile
Co-Chair - Hon. Marshall Murray, 278-4086
Co-Chair - To Be Appointed

Bench/Bar Circuit Court - Probate
Co-Chair - Hon. John DiMotto, 278-4463
Co-Chair - Elizabeth Ruthmansdorfer, 276-4366

Bench/Bar Court of Appeals
Co-Chair - Hon. Patricia Curley, 227-4682
Co-Chair - Amelia Bizzaro, 283-9300

Bench/Bar Municipal Courts
Co-Chair - To Be Appointed
Co-Chair - To Be Appointed

Regular Committees
To join a committee please contact the MBA's Office Manager.

Liason between Board of Directors and Sections concerning all aspects of CLE programming, pricing and section creation and termination. Develops policy for and directs development of CLE programs to serve MBA members' needs and interests in a cost-effective manner.

Community Relations
Works on public and media relations for the MBA.

Chair - Hon. Carl Ashley, 278-5316

Liaison between the MBA and the courts; studies and suggests improvements in practice and procedure, including proposed legislative changes; maintains a general awareness of all conditions relating to the courts that may affect attorney practice and the public in general.

Chair - Patrick Schoen, 277-5665
Vice-Chair - Herman John, 332-7459

Fee Arbitration
Maintains panels of volunteer attorneys who arbitrate fee disputes between attorneys and their clients.

Chair - W.H. Levit, Jr., 287-9540
Vice-Chair - Theodore Hertel, (262) 240-0229

Law Day
Plans and organizes annual Law Day activities in collaboration with MYLA, AWL, WAAL and WHLA.

Contact: Britt Wegner, 414-276-5931

Law Practice Management
Monitors issues affecting the practice of law, recommends and implements programs to address these issues with an emphasis on the solo and small firm practice.

Chair - Jonathon P. Groth, 414-375-2030

Lawyer Referral & Information Service
Monitors issues and recommends policy to the Board of Directors related to the MBA's Lawyer Referral & Information Service.

Chair - Ann S. Jacobs, 289-0909
Vice-Chair - Andy Frank, 278-7000

Legal Services to the Indigent
Studies and monitors issues and recommends action and policies to the Board of Directors related to the delivery of legal services to indigents.

Chair - Laura Gramling Perez, 298-8167

Prepares and conducts annual memorial service for local attorneys who have died during the preceding year.

Contact: Katy Borowski, 414-276-5933

The Messenger
Plans, writes and edits the MBA quarterly Magazine, The Messenger.

Chair / Editor - Charles Barr, 414-351-0057

Develops and implements programs to promote professionalism.

Chair - Sheryl St. Ores, 277-9070

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