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Bench/Bar Committees

These committees, co-chaired by a Judge and an attorney, provide forums for discussion related to the courts and their practice areas:

Bench/Bar Circuit Court - Civil
Co-chair - TBA
Co-chair - Arthur Simpson

Bench/Bar Circuit Court - Family
Co-chair - Hon. Michael Dwyer
Co-chair - Eric Hart

Bench/Bar Circuit Court - Probate
Co-chair - Hon. David L. Borowski
Co-chair - Christopher Janson
Co-chair - Sumeeta Krishnaney

Bench/Bar Court of Appeals
Co-chair - Anne Berleman Kearney
Co-chair - Lisa M. Lawless

Bench/Bar Small Claims
Co-chair - TBA
Co-chair - TBA

Regular Committees

Liaison between the MBA and the courts; studies and suggests improvements in practice and procedure, including proposed legislative changes; maintains a general awareness of all conditions relating to the courts that may affect attorney practice and the public in general.

Co-chair - Mark Goldstein
Co-chair - Mitch Moser

Fee Arbitration
Maintains panels of volunteer attorneys who arbitrate fee disputes between attorneys and their clients.

Chair - Theodore Hertel

Lawyer Referral & Information Service
Monitors issues and recommends policy to the Board of Directors related to the MBA's Lawyer Referral & Information Service.

Chair - TBA

Committee on Legal Access
Studies and monitors issues and recommends action and policies to the Board of Directors related to the delivery of legal services to indigents.

Chair - Amy Wochos

Chair - TBA

Prepares and conducts annual memorial service for local attorneys who have died during the preceding year.

Contact: Katy Borowski, 414-276-5933

The Messenger
Plans, writes and edits the MBA quarterly Magazine, The Messenger.

Chair / Editor - Charles Barr