Facility Rental - Attorney Resources

The MBA is moving! As we prepare our new state-of-the-art facility to better serve our members, we will be unable to reserve rooms for use until mid-November 2018.

Have your next off-site meeting, mediation, deposition, CLE, client meeting, or conference at the MBA. A formal Board Room and three conference rooms are available. Each room provides conference calling and video and web capabilities. Catering can be arranged for all meetings. To make a reservation please call 414-276-5932 or email info@milwbar.org. MBA Members can submit a rental request online via the MBA portal.

Rental Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday –Friday (Except Holidays)
Other Hours: After 5:00 PM and weekends are available by special arrangement and at an additional cost

Rooms Available: Stay tuned for new rooms and conference capabilities in November 2018!

Douglas Room (max. 3 people)

Fishbach Room (max. 75 people)
Adjoining Room (increases capacity to 100)

Board Room (max 20. people) Cardozo Room (max. 25 people)
Reception Room (available after hours)  

MBA members enjoy special room rates and are permitted to use some of our facilities FREE OF CHARGE.

MBA MEMBER RATES: Your MBA membership must be current to receive this rate.

Douglas Room: FREE
Cardozo Room: FREE
Board Room: $100 (1/2 day or less) 
$150 (full day)
Fishbach Room: $150 (1/2 day or less) 
$200 (full day)
Adjoining Room: No additional fee


Douglas Room: $75 (1/2 day or less) 
$150 (full day)
Cardozo Room: $165 (1/2 day or less) 
$250 (full day)
Board Room: $250 (1/2 day or less) 
$300 (full day)
Fishbach Room: $365 (1/2 day or less) 
$465 (full day)
Fishbach and Adjoining Room: Additional $80 flat rate



  • 50% cancellation fee for less than 24 hour notice; cancellation notice must be submitted in writing
  • $150 charge for events on Saturday and/or events after 4:30 pm
  • $300 Minimum for Saturday events

*To make a reservation, call 414-276-5932 or email the MBA at info@milwbar.org.
MBA members can easily make a reservation online via the MBA portal.