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Lawyer Referral Information & Service (LRIS) is a non-profit public service of the Milwaukee Bar Association that connects the public with participating attorneys to help with their legal problems. Membership in LRIS is separate from MBA membership. Members of both the MBA and LRIS save $145 on their LRIS annual membership dues.

  • LRIS makes 8,000+ referrals to participating attorneys a year.
  • LRIS annually generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees.
  • Attorneys may register in any specific categories of law, and indicate if they are available for weekend or evening appointments, if they speak a foreign language and if they are licensed to practice in another state. There are experience level requirements to sign up for certain practice areas, and proof of insurance to be eligible to be on the panel.
  • Referrals are issued by computer rotation by category of law, location, and languages spoken.
  • LRIS interviewers do not refer every call to an attorney. Clients go through a screening process. It is then determined if they can be referred to an attorney or should be referred to a community resource.



Need to Renew Your LRIS Membership? Have Questions?

Renew your LRIS membership and update your account by logging into the LRIS portal. If you need help logging in or have questions about LRIS membership, please contact Julie, LRIS Coordinator, (414) 276-5931 or